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Yesterday was a big day for me. I had the honor of being the guest speaker at the Nacogdoches Rotary Club, and following the meeting, there was a book signing for “Creek to Creek: The Life and Legacy of Charles Raymond Bright.”

So before you think I’m acting all “fancy” and tooting my own horn, please understand if it seems that way it is NOT my intention at all.


I just want to share a little about the experience and how deeply it has touched my life.

Since 2018, I have been working on this project. The book came out this summer, but we sort of held off advertising it because we wanted to do it in conjunction with the Rotary Club meeting. So, of course, it was a big day for me in the sense that I have been fortunate enough to write another book, but it was big in so many other ways. BIG in the sense that I wanted the day to be about Mr. Bright, a truly selfless man who gave so much to his community. In my presentation, I had to talk about myself and my journey as a writer, so the audience could understand the entire process, and hopefully understand that it was my first book, “Mockingbird Moments,” a memoir about my relationship with my father, that led me to the Bright project. BUT, my prayer was that I would make none of this about “me.” I wanted the day to be about a man who spent his life working to preserve the history and heritage of his hometown. To be selfish and seek praise for simply being the conveyer of his story would seem very “Un-Brightlike.” I’m not sure how this came across, but hopefully, that goal to be completely sincere and transparent was accomplished.


Among the guests in attendance were the many people who helped with the project. Mr. Bright’s family and friends. The people whose stories made it possible for others who may not have known Mr. Bright, to get a glimpse into his character and his heart. You see, I never met Charles Bright. At times, that was overwhelming. I felt such a responsibility to portray him exactly as he was. And the fact that he was so kind, and selfless, and giving, and tenacious, I wanted to honor that spirit, and not write anything in a haughty or attention-seeking fashion.


I hope that all of this was accomplished, and I hope that when I advertise the book and encourage people to read they understand it that it comes from the spirit of wanting to share the story of such a great man. All proceeds from this book will go back into the community–either to the Convention and Visitors Bureau or the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce.


So, the BIG day is over. For months, I have been preparing for it. And now it’s done. As is the re-write of my other book, “A Southern Girl Re-Belles.” And you know what? It’s Thursday. I don’t work on Thursdays or Fridays, and my Thursdays are my “work” days. Days when I practice my presentation, or write. And today, aside from this blog, I have nothing planned. And I have no idea what to do with myself. Relaxing sounds great. But I really don’t know how to do that. I have a constant need to have a “big” project.


And so here I sit, trying to figure out my day. So far, on my list is: cleaning out the refrigerator, straightening the house, doing some laundry, going to the grocery store, going for a run (off my driveway…if you don’t know what that means, you will need to refer to a couple of previous blogs). The fact that I may do a normal run is daunting. So if it happens, I will update at the end of this blog. Also, in my search for things to do, I ran across a book called, “Diagramming Scriptures.” And I ordered it. It’s actually a workbook used for homeschoolers, and probably in some private schools. Yes. I know what you’re thinking. I am a huge NERD, but I LOVE diagramming. Absolutely love it. It’s like math for right-brained people. I don’t do numbers well, but give me words, and I became obsessed with the parts of speech, their functions and how you break them down to make them work correctly in a sentence. And I think diagramming scriptures will lead to a better understanding of God’s words, and how they are intended. I will keep you posted on this. Please don’t pity me. This is truly EXCITING, and will help fill up my Thursdays.


As with all BIG things, there’s always a little “let-down” when they are over. An ANTI-CLIMACTIC feeling. (Confession: in my younger days, I would write that as anti-climatic…as if I was against the weather). Anyway, in the definition it uses the word “disappointment.” I am no way disappointed, but it was such a wonderful experience, and I will miss the contact I had with the people who helped me through the project.

It was wonderful to see so many friends from the event, and people I’ve known my entire life, who I haven’t seen in years. And as I write this, I am thinking, “This sounds crazy. You can still talk to these people and make an effort to see them more often.” So maybe that’s something I’ll do on Thursdays. Maybe I’ll just go to Nacogdoches and meet up with friends, and take my mom to lunch. You know. Have fun. I think I know how to do that!


As always, I have some ideas of things I’ll begin working on. Eventually. I want to start doing my blogs as “podcasts.” I will still write them and publish them, but I also would like to record them so people who have commutes can listen, or maybe if you want to listen while working out (which I can’t even imagine you choosing to do that…my accent might send you over the edge). But I want to be more accessible, and I guess, get with the “times.” *SIGH* It is the new millennium, and apparently, podcasts are where it’s at (If I diagrammed that sentence, I would see that I should correct it since I ended the sentence with a preposition. If my brother said it, I would have corrected him and told him not to end a sentence with a preposition. And he would have said, “Podcasts are where it’s at, jackass.”)



Anyway, that’s the plan. I’ll be way out of my wheelhouse, but maybe it will happen. And if it does, I will begin reading my blogs, and also venturing into reading some things I had written for another “possible” book. The book was going to be entitled, “Becoming a Chevelle.” I had that idea way back in 2013. But then I realized I couldn’t write that book until I wrote about my dad. That was the story I had to tell first. So in the meantime, Michelle Obama wrote, “Becoming,” and if I were to publish my book, I would seem like a copy-cat. So, I’m thinking that instead of publishing another book, I may just write it as a “serial” publication, with weekly installments. And then I will call it “The Chevelle Chronicles.”


So, when I ask, “Now what?” these are the things I’m thinking about. If you have any knowledge about podcasts, equipment, etc… I’d love your input. I can assure you if I’m left to my own devices, it might be a little Redneck. Kind of like the radio station on “Hee-Haw”–KORN.


And in the mean time, I’m going to try to figure out how to diagram “Now what?” It’s harder than you might think.


P.S. To order a copy of the book “Creek to Creek,” or “Mockingbird Moments,” return to the home page of the Rebelle Like A Lady website (if you are on the blog page, go to the top and click on HOME. It will take you there.) Scroll down and you’ll see the links.

HaHaHaHaHa…I just cracked myself up realizing, you’re on the BLOG page if you’re reading this. Anyway, you get it. Go to the top. Click home and order some books!


P.S.S. I am trying out becoming an “Amazon Affiliate.” If people click on the links to amazon it helps drive my blog page, and if enough people do, I get a small payment. Amazon monitors this and if I don’t have adequate traffic they will “let me go…” LOL

Now I feel like I’m panhandling for money. I’m honestly trying to drive my blog traffic. So, thanks if you do this…


P.S.S.S. I ran “off the driveway,” which means on the hard asphalt of the street. I don’t have proof because I didn’t use the Couch to 5K app. But, later this afternoon, when the HOA contacts us and fines me for causing a disruption, then I will have my proof! LOL. I ran a little over a mile and it is something that should be done in the cloak of darkness, for sure. To quote Forrest, “And that’s all I have to say about that!”






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